Frequently asked questions

What is metal Stamping?

Metal stamping is a manufacturing process used to form parts from sheet metal. In the process a flat sheet of metal in either blank or coil form is placed into a stamping press utilizing custom made tooling to cut and shape the part.


Can Diversified utlize this process for materials other than metal?

Yes. We regularly stamp materials such as Mylar, Delrin, and thin plastics. If the part is flat and less than .032 thick it may lend itself to conventional stamping.


Why use Diversified Tool & Die?

Diversified Tool & Die has been focused on tooling and stamping since 1972. Our company has extensive experience with both simple and complex single stage and progressive tooling.


Does Diversified build it’s tooling in house?

Yes. All tooling is engineered and built on site at our facility in Vista, California.


Who owns the tool?

The customer owns the tool and it is stored no charge at Diversified for the active life of the project. The customer has the right to remove the tool for a small stocking fee. Tools inactive for more than 5 years are subject to disposal at our discretion.


What is the tool life?

All our tools are designed for tool life and serviceability. Diversified tools are maintained for the life of the program at no extra charge.


What are the minimum and maximum thicknesses that Diversified can be stamped.

We generally work in the .003 to .187 material thickness range, material type and part size will also come into play. Very generally speaking, if the part is within this thickness range and can fit in a shoebox it will fit our capabilities. Of course there are always exceptions.


Does Diversified have a minimum quantity?

No. But tooling can be costly and usually it takes quantities in the 1,000’s to warrant production tooling. Prototype tooling will usually suffice for lower quantities.


Can Diversified provide part engineering assistance and prototypes?

Yes. Diversified can provide part design assistance and has in house prototyping capability. Prototypes can be done in quantities up to the 1,000’s. A properly developed and prototyped part is the key to production success.


What other manufacturing processes can Diversified provide?

We can provide production Wire EDM parts, post stamping CNC machining, part tapping (both in die and secondary) and tumble deburring.


Does Diversified provide outside processing for the parts it makes?

Yes. We have developed many long term relationships with outside suppliers for services such as powder coating, plating, anodizing, special coatings, heat treating, laser welding, etc.


Can a tool built at another facility be run at Diversified?

Yes. If a tool is available for inspection we can advise the customer as to what will be needed to run the tool at our facility.


Can Diversified keep stocking inventory?

Yes. We can work from blanket orders and make weekly and monthly shipments.


Can parts be shipped internationally?

Yes. Diversified has many years of experience shipping parts overseas.


Does Diversified make local deliveries?

Yes. Parts suitable for shipping in the Southern California area can be delivered with our truck.


Is Diversified Tool & Die ISO Certified?

Yes diversified is ISO 9001:2015 Certified. Click here to download certificate.


What is Diversified’s tooling engineering data policy?

Tooling engineering data is the sole property of DTD and is not part of tooling charges. Purchase of DTD engineering data may be negotiated at time of tool removal.


What is Diversified’s part return policy?

Goods shipped by DTD shall be presumed accepted as satisfactory by buyer if we are not notified of damages, shortages, or other discrepancies within 10 business days. Rejected parts must be returned to us for rework. Further processing or assembly of goods by buyer or any other party shall constitute a waiver of any liability on DTD’s part.